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Before thunderstorm

The second night in the hospital was strange, out of the room and down the elevator to the ground floor it was after 20h. Exit the building and I was walking down the street to the coffee. The girl came to answer me and I ordered a cup of espresso.
- You want to milk? The clerk said.
- Just coffee. I answered.
I sat at the table looking at the empty cafeteria, just me, the clerk and the girl of cleaning. Five minutes was the time it took to bring the cup and put on the table.
- You want more?
I stared at her for her youth, for all that somehow meant that question. I really wanted many things, how she could know.
- You want more? She insisted.
- No thanks. Just coffee.
- If you need anything else is just talk.
- Thank U.
She was gracious and left. The coffee was hot, the smoke rising from the cup and was lost in the environment. The girl's housecleaning continued cleaning the floor. Life went just empty and full of no sense. Tasted the coffee was not good coffee, should have been passed long ago. It's hard to find a place where you can make good coffee. Few times in life I took a good coffee. Should not expect anything else this time of night. I was drinking slowly and savoring each sip, that old coffee. The girl returned to my desk.
- What time does? I Asked.
- We are already closing, but may be the will.
- Thank U.
I was the will can not explain how, but it was the will. The coffee was hot, the place was warm and on the street was cold. It was a long cup, gave time for the cleaning lady to clean half of the hall. I finished the coffee and went to the box.
- It was good? She asked.
- That'S Perfect.
I paid and left in the street cold still increasing, closed his jacket and I gather step to get to the hospital entrance and back to the room.
The main entrance was closed, I had to walk through a narrow corridor and take the elevator of funds. I pressed the button and I was waiting for the elevator. A nurse came and stood by me waiting for the elevator.
The elevator came down, the door opened. Inside were two nurses and a hospital bed with wheels. In bed a body wrapped in a sheet, a great body and wrapped in a sheet. Looking like a mummy that these people see in archeology books. I and the nurse went out of the way and nurses pushed the bed out of the elevator and followed by the same corridor that we have entered.
I was kind and let her go first in the elevator, then I went and hit the floor of the number button where the room was.
- This is difficult. She said.
- Part of the game. I said.
We were silent the rest of the trip, the elevator rose slowly. I was thinking of the body wrapped in a sheet, a great body. It should be the body of a man. Someone was killed under that sheet, and nurses were taking him to the hospital morgue. What caught my attention was the professional and perfect way as wrapped with the sheet, showed a lot of practice. It should be something very mundane and routine, because the nurse still showed some feeling. I could not understand. It was just a guy who was down there. Someone who was over the line. It is likely that some relatives and friends were crying at that time. It is likely that he has done many things, is likely to have left other things to do. But it's all likely and routine, part of the game.
I entered the room and looked where they were the two beds, they were still in the same place. My friend went to her and the other still empty. I sat on the side of the bed had a look in serum, still dripping at the same rate as when I had left. I Fell Asleep.
The other day I woke up early, took a look at serum, still in half, I went to another coffee. And as I had imagined, the coffee was still bad, even the cafeteria having just opened the coffee was still with the old coffee taste. I returned to the hospital, and before arriving at the front door, I saw the garage door being opened. I looked to the side and a car from a funeral was giving signal that would enter the garage. The entire garage had white tiles on the floor and walls. They had come for the subject of the elevator. I wondered what he was going to work, and that great body. Going to have to get a large coffin, and then a group of friends or relatives strong to carry the coffin to the final destination. Many protocols until the meat could just rot in darkness and silence. Seven days later continue the protocols and tears. I would not stay seven days, my friend was waiting for its high this morning. I left the car in and closed the door slowly. A beautiful black car with yellow adornments on the side. I went back to the room and waited for the doctor to arrive to give high. We ended up staying until the end of the day.
Two days after the routine out of the hospital, made me forget in part, but not quite that lift the image. When you leave the apartment the afternoon to go to the center, leaves a distracted way. A woman went ahead and decided to take a discreet look at your ass, it was not a very attractive ass was a little fallen. When I looked to the side, had a dog by my side, a huge dog and caramel color, with red eyes. I was surprised, had never seen a dog with such red eyes, and so great, he walked so close that almost beat my leg. And when I looked at him, he looked at me. It was weird, I had a little afraid he would bite me. Followed by a block walking side by side, I stopped and he stopped, I looked at him and he looked at me. It seemed floor synchronized with my steps. The sky was clear, and from time to time, someone burst a rocket, because of the football game that was going on. In one of these bursts, looked at the blue sky and saw the risk of smoke two rockets. I looked again at the side where the dog was and he was gone. I got a feeling like you do not know if it was real or just a figment of my imagination. I decided to continue walking, looking everywhere hoping to see it. But it just was gone. The rest of the day was quiet.
At night my friend appeared in my apartment, it had been a few days she had left the hospital and seemed to be fine, dined, after we had sex and slept together. The other day I woke up with her by my side, we nested spooning, I was feeling the heat from your body. She turned to my side, and I felt his breath. It was a familiar smell that came out of his mouth, a smell that was already twenty years I did not feel. A strange odor, which took me back in time. She had the breath of death, I knew that smell. It is a very peculiar smell. I do not know which product is used to embalm a body, but it was the smell that I felt. I was a long felt his breath and remembering. It is a slight odor as fresh fish. Came to my mind sad memories. I can never forget that smell. She woke up and came back to us from spooning nest. The heat of his body and the half-light of the room, the cold that was outside the covers, sparked a sloth. But his sly way, made me get out of bed and make coffee. A good coffee, new and past time. We stayed in bed taking coffee, and then we did some more sex.
Strange are the signs that nature nodes before starting a storm, first you feel that something is different, then it is the wind, the leaves, dust, clouds will darken and when you see the rain comes relentlessly, as if it would end the world. And then goes and you realize that the world is still in the same place and you are still alive. Although death always be around us, subtle, sometimes gentle, mate. I know, usually forget the signs, or just choose not to see. But the storm is only a phenomenon of nature. And we are part of the game.


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