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The love of a lifetime in a week

I started getting that lot of passionate messages, every day was a new message on my message box. We spent hours talking about banalities and other things that normally do not make sense. Unless you are in love. And here comes the trap. She insisted we meet to talk about the subject. He had seen the photos on facebook and seemed to be nothing wrong. But that instant love did not seem to be something real. Speaking of social networks and talk about reality seems to be something very virtual.
- Hi love, that day you will come? She said.
- I'm thinking of going tomorrow, - I said - but still do not know.
- Come soon love, I love you.
- But I can be there with you?
- It is dear course! I'd love to, I'm dying of longing.
- But not met.
- But I love you too, when I saw your photo I saw that we had something very strong.
- Have you seen the pictures?
- Yes, I really want you.
- Then tomorrow I will.
And every day we talked the same, always leaving for another day. She really loved me, completely in love. I started thinking about my own feelings. Somehow had to fall in love too, could not pass up that opportunity.
- Today I bought a new outfit for our meeting.
- Send me a photo.
- It's a surprise, will only see it coming.
- I'm going, but I want to see, I miss.
- Ta, I will send.
I spent a long time looking at the monitor and scratching the bag, waiting for the photo of the new clothing. Wondering sexy as could be. Plus a lot of nonsense going through my head. While waiting. I managed to smoke a couple of cigarettes, scratch your head, get up, do some exercises. And the photo? No photo, went to the bathroom to take a leak, I returned to the room. I looked at the computer monitor, and remained inert. I went through the room toward the kitchen and made some coffee. What leads a person hundreds of miles, buy a new outfit and tell a total stranger he is your soul mate, or whatever that.
It was already getting dark and remembered that I had been to meet with a woman I met the other night at the bar. She would meet, or had just been kind the night before. I can not understand what women think and talk, appear to be isolated cases, thought and speech.
On the computer screen appeared a picture, nothing special, nothing sexy. It seemed to be a perfect outfit to go to Mass on Sundays. I would not travel all those damn kilometers, to meet with a woman dressed in an outfit to go to Mass on Sunday.
- Did you like it? She asked in his message.
- Can I see your panties? I answered with another question.
- Um, no!
- But you do not want me to go?
- Yes, I really want to, but I will show you.
- Be cool, just the two, no one will know.
- But what if you show to someone else.
- All right, you will not know.
And we that pushes and pushes until start arriving to photos that interested, she wore black lace panties, a mini-panties that was lost in the midst of so much meat. I began to think that not was so far your home. Really love is somewhat surprising, suddenly you're in love. More photos were coming, and each photo with less clothing and more poses. I began to think that fate had brought us together. There are many destinations when speaking with many women at the same time. How many soul mates exist for each person. I had lost count.
- Do you love me? She said.
- What is your address, right? I said.
- Will you come tomorrow?
- Of course!
Of course he would not miss that opportunity to find my great love, big breasts, big ass, big everything. And tiny clothes and positions that would be the envy of any porn star. But she was the type would be, kept saying he wanted a serious relationship. I really amazing all that love and passion she showed in the last week. I ended the conversation and went to get me to find the bar's wife.
To my surprise, I woke up the other day alone, with only one certainty. The woman in the bar had not gone to the meeting and I had drunk all and then some. My head was pounding, my stomach was burning. The whole room was spinning, and in all directions had vomiting. The drunk had been good. I spent the whole day in bed with the feeling of having forgotten something. When reminded crawled out of bed toward the computer. I turned on the device, which made a strange noise like a plane connecting the turbines. I went on the net and went straight profile. There she was, or rather, her pictures. Totally in love and embraced in another subject. Had several photos in the same post, hugging, kissing him, walking hand in hand, everything was there. And the text was quite significant, had nothing to kick in his words. "Today I spent a wonderful day with my great love" that was it. His great love aviation you visited, and the message still "is beautiful when two soul mates are", "God is great" ...
It really is this business of soul mates is very serious, even, especially on social networks. For this reason I believe in love at first profile. The wife of the bar will come back today? I wonder.


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