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Recomendo! muito bom trabalho

Recomendo! muito bom trabalho
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terça-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2016

Review The first line book

Review The first line book – Quando nasce um romance (Original tittle in Portuguese)

If I had to define The first line book in one word, it would certainly be intense. Anything that involves Jeux seems to be so.

At the moment he is a blocked writer who cannot even think of a new story. When he is not sleeping, he is trying to heal from a hangover. Jeux is a quite wrong person ends up grabbing you for imperfection.

His house is a mess, just like his financial and professional life. Not to mention his thoughts, they are the worst.

His love life, which actually does not exist, it stars to stir up when he meets Isabella. Until then, he is a one night stand guy.

When I say that the book is intense, I say it in all aspects. The way Jeux describes when he is the bathroom to the eroticism that involves the novel. Yes, it is all very detailed.

I quite liked the way the author writes and also the way he created each character as unique. Isabella at first seems just one more beautifully normal girl, but over the course we realize that her life is also a mess like Jeux`s.

Both bohemian lives are completed and even taking a good life, she is not happy. The impression I have is that everything she does is to escape from her perfect life.

Talking about the other characters they are an extension of Jeux himself. His friends are as failed as he is, the women who appear throughout history. It is strange to see a friend getting married to the woman who had a sexual relationship with Jeux for such a long time. Nonetheless, they are people who are trying to live.

The end really surprised me. The story was almost all solved when suddenly it seemed like the author have burst a bomb. It is natural to wish a final cliché and when it does not happen we get confused.

But it is good to know that finally the long dreaming story appeared. It took something so big for this to happen, but Jeux now has a new chance to do something different and take his life again.

Written by Milca Abreu

Translated by DanusaGoulart


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