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A major problem

But someone fucked.
And this is the story. Made on order to make your very existence something interesting. I do not believe much in happy endings, happiness seems to be a great boredom. It is when you are more comfortable, which realizes the great shit where you got. He was thinking every step rising.
- Hello There?
It was the voice of Isabel.
He did not answer. Continued to rise slowly, crawling, resting on the stair railing.
- Who's there?
- Isabel, it's me.
He stopped for a minute to catch my breath. She was still inside the apartment. Sitting in the rocking chair. Looking out the window the light of late afternoon. He was really a rag, had taken a beating. He held one of his teeth with two fingers, and the tooth was going back and forth, her swollen lips.
- The door is open - she cried - between!
He coughed a little, took a deep breath. - Just a moment. Said.
He took a deep breath, and went to the door. Pushing it.
- Hello There!
She jumped up and went to meet him.
- What was it my love. She said, stroking his bloody face.
They both are looking at the entrance of the apartment with the door wide open behind. None of them really knew what was going on.
But they did not know. Because I'm still making up the story. Do you understand? This is how things work, is slowly materializing the idea. As yet have no idea. But they are at the entrance to looking. Jorge spoke with your inner self.
She looks the very bloody hand as he forces a little more the tooth, and the start. Showing off white tooth blood to her and they start laughing. A rough and nervous laugh.
- You have good ears. He said.
- Why do you think that love. She said.
- He heard me coming up the stairs, not nearly made no noise.
- Oh, is that seen when you crossed the street.
- And why was not to meet me - he said - you saw that I was all smashed.
- I thought it was fine.
- My face is who is right?
Elizabeth was looking at it from top to bottom, the whole scene. He did not seem so bad, she thought.
- You just need to get some rest - she said and pulled him to the couch - have to rest.
- A statue in the square has more feelings than you. He said and threw himself on the couch.
- Want some coffee?
- I need something to relax me back a beer.
The girl ran to the kitchen and returned with an open bottle of beer, he pulled the neck of the bottle to his lips and took a long sip.
- Holy shit! He shouted, and spat on the ground beer.
- What is it sweetie?
- This beer ta hot, me behind another.
- No more love - she said - you forgot that took all yesterday.
- Shit, I could have bought more?
- But you did not leave me money.
- All sorry, I'm leaving.
He tried to get up off the couch, but the body had cooled and the pain increased, looked like it was anchored, concreted that couch. Gave up and watched the rocking chair.
- What is this shit? He said pointing with his hand to the chair.
- It's a rocking chair. Isabel said.
- I know it's a rocking chair, but what she's doing here.
- Oh, I bought the nearby this morning.
- But you did not say it was out of money?
- Is that the neighbor vendei for a good price.
- But you're not broke.
- I had some change, she is beautiful right?
Isabel sat in the chair and stared at George, and he kept looking at the chair as she cradled. Life was shit, all he had was a bottle of stale beer and a second-hand rocking chair. All that misery was bothering him and the fact that the girl be there if cradling bothered him even more. The two were unemployed actually never worked. One day they decided to move in together, together they had, they rented a small apartment direct with the owner. And there were after three months. Big mistake - Jorge thought.
Jorge looked deep into Isabel's eyes and said: - Why do not you do a striptease.
- Do what? She asked.
- Take off your clothes, so I see.
- I do not want to get undressed for you to see.
- Why not?
- I do not feel.
- Do I need to masturbate - he said - you could be nice to me.
- It's always the same story.
- You think?
She stopped to pack the chair, and the two were silent out looking. You could see in his eyes the fire, and was not passion. Were finished, and he knew the fun was over.
While I think at the end of the story, you can go to the bathroom to take a leak or if you prefer to go to the kitchen to make tea or coffee, make yourself at home. He was saying to your self.
Forced another tooth forward and back.
If you went to the bathroom I hope you washed your hands! In fact no matter the book is yours now. And you should have spent some money this on your right.
And the tooth began to sway, forward and back, as the balance of the chair. Isabel remained motionless, just watching. The tooth let out of his mouth, and he was admiring the tooth and your fingers dirty with blood.
- You know that things are not so. Jorge said.
- What you talking about? She asked and went back to packing.
- The fact want to see you naked.
- Change the disc - she said - you just think about it.
- I need you.
- You mean my body.
- Also ...
On the street the night had already arrived, and now only the streetlights, houses and cars, lit up. The clouds concealed the stars and the moon. Everything seemed artificial and urban. The room had stayed in the shadows and his eyes were adapting to the low light or realized.
- I'm going home. She said.
- What the fuck is this. He said.
- Not sure we're living here - Isabel said - that way.
- What way?
- I'm leaving!
- Holy shit! Jorge shouted
He'd just start another tooth, it was the third prong, in one day.
- Holy shit! He shouted again.
In the corner of his mouth flowed a stream of blood mixed with saliva, the lack of those teeth did not grasp the saliva. Isabel got up from the rocking chair and walked over to the light switch and turned on.
- It will be better - she said - you will see.
- Best for what? he asked
- Do not make me feel bad.
- All right, will soon then.
She went to the room in silence and took her bag, which was ready. While George was still sitting on the couch watching. Isabel walked out the door of the apartment and down the stairs. Jorge returned to move in another tooth, forward and back, would be the fourth tooth. It gave a sense of pleasure, forward and back until booting and then was admiring. - But someone always fode. - He said to his inner self.


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